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This one-hour interactive online training will introduce everything you need to teach digital citizenship. This training will take approximately one hour to complete and will equip participants with the knowledge of how students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. The course designed using an award-winning K–12 Digital Citizenship Course that offers the following:

  • Addresses top concerns for schools.
  • Prepares students with critical 21st-century skills.
  • Supports educators with training and recognition.
  • Engages the whole community through family outreach.

Course Outline:

  • What is Digital Citizenship?
  • Ways to get started with digital citizenship
  • Beyond Internet safety
  • Six Core topics:
    • Media Balance and Wellbeing
    • Privacy and security
    • Digital Footprint and Identity
    • Relationship and communication
    • Cyberbullying, digital drama and Hate Speech
    • News Media and Literacy
  • Benefits and Challenges of Digital Citizenship

Learning Objectives:

    • Learn a comprehensive definition of “Digital Citizenship” including its six topics
    • Explore ways to ghet started immediately with teaching digital citizenships
    • Reflect on the needs of your student and decide on next steps.

Who are the target Audience?

  • Facilitators and Training Managers
  • Newly Qualified Teachers
  • In-Service Teachers Public/Private
  • Newly Qualified Teachers with basic knowledge of ICT in Education
  • In-Service Teachers Public/Private

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

This one-hour interactive online training will introduce everything you need to teach digital citizenship.

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Digital Citizenship
4 out of 5
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